Google+ Teachnology: How to activate gClass Folders for students

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to activate gClass Folders for students

This is a guide for students after the teacher has used the gClass folders script to set up class sets of folders......

1) Sign into your account

2) Click on the Drive button at the top

3) You will probably see a disorganised page with lots of documents like the one above!

4) On the left of the page click on ‘shared with me’

5) A new page will appear with all the documents your teacher has shared with you - the really important one we are concentrating on today is the one at the top with ‘your name - Assignment Folder’

6) Click in the little box to the left of the star, on the same line as ‘Your Name - Class - Assignment Folder’ and then at the top click ‘add to my drive’.

7) Now the folder is in ‘your drive’.  If you click on ‘My Drive’ on the left it will take you to your work - at the top there will be the ‘Assignment Folder’.  Inside that you need to create folders for each of the standards you are doing in your class this year.  So click on the folder to see what is inside (nothing at the moment) and then click on the folder button with a + sign in it - this will ask you to name the folder.  Name it for the standard and then create another one until you have created folders for all of the standards you are taking.

8)  Your job now is to drag and drop all the assignments you have done so far this year into the relevant folders.  Once they are in the folder your teacher will be able to see them and grade them.  It is also important to put existing work in there as it will need to be moderated.  Try and keep it organised so it is easy to find work!