Google+ Teachnology: Motivate with competition for homework

Monday, May 20, 2013

Motivate with competition for homework

Competition is an important motivator, especially for teenage boys - so in the homework I set today I have included a bit of an incentive!

I asked the boys to go to this site and play poke-a-muscle (NB if you have adBlock enabled you don't have to sit through the 10 second ad at the beginning, its not that inconvenient though), its a great visual quiz that shows you the muscles in the body, you then have to click on the correct ones after being prompted.  To unlock the next level you have to make your clicks correctly and in a certain time!!  It gets progressively harder until you have a picture of the body in a pose and it is quite difficult to locate all of the muscles, and also quite addictive!

I then instructed the boys to take a screen grab (a skill in itself for many students) and then post it to our class circle on google+.  The winner is the student who gets the furthest with the highest score.  They will be crowned king of the muscles and enjoy a healthy treat from the school cafe!!

I made it to twenty on the international leader board, I wonder if any of my students do any better - i'll keep you posted!!