Google+ Teachnology: Top blog posts from 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top blog posts from 2013

This has been the first year I have used a blog as a form of self reflective professional development, overall I have found the experience rewarding and a good way to build a portfolio of work and share it with other educators for feedback.  I have also enjoyed writing about my thoughts on the future of education and where we are heading with things like web semantics and learning analytics.  The most popular things I wrote about this year were;

1) Using Google calendar as a lesson planner

This was really great for my own productivity for the year, and along with integration with i-cal on
my phone I could access all dates and lesson plans at any time,  I will change the method next year though - and have each class on a separate timetable and share the lesson plans with the students.

This is the original version of how I worked with Google drive, I have since modified the way I work through reflection and the updated post is here.

This made a huge difference to my organisation over the year, as well as how the students completed the work.  

Happy New Year!